Daybreak Dreams

Jewelry Made From Ashes

Meet Ryan Higgins, the creative force behind Daybreak Dreams Design. With over twenty-five years of experience, Ryan has been flameworking glass into impressive artwork. In 2016, he turned his attention to the memorial trade, working with clients who had lost loved ones and pets, and Daybreak Dreams was born. By infusing cremated remains into the glass, Ryan discovered a new sense of purpose in his work, imbuing it with an extraordinary spirit. "I deeply feel the connections made between me (the artist), the deceased, and the survivors. It fuels my drive to deliver the best of myself for each memorial glasswork," he says.

Daybreak Dreams operates from Ryan's homegrown glass-art studio in historic Mullica Hill, NJ, where he, his wife Abby, and their son work together to provide comfort and joy in people's lives.

At Daybreak Dreams, we specialize in creating various styles and colors of ash-infused cremation jewelry to craft unique keepsakes that commemorate your loved ones. Our flameworking process involves using a selection of propane/oxygen torches and specialized tools to sculpt borosilicate glass rods, known for their clarity and durability. First, we infused cremation ashes into the glass. Next, we heat and shape the glasswork with forces of gravity and handheld tools into the finished piece. Finally, the glass memorial is annealed in a kiln and undergoes a controlled cooling process to ensure longevity.
If you're interested in our cremation glasswork, please visit our collection of glass cremation necklaces. We're also happy to answer any questions you have about our process or custom cremation glasswork, so please don't hesitate to contact us.