Family Ordering

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When it comes to glass cremation jewelry keepsakes, there are several benefits to purchasing them for a group of family members:

  1. Providing a personal and wearable reminder: Cremation jewelry keepsakes allow family members to always keep a small part of their loved one with them. Wearing the jewelry can provide a personal and tangible reminder of the deceased and can bring comfort during the grieving process.
  2. Creating a sense of unity and connection: When family members have the same or similar jewelry made from ashes, it can bring harmony and fellowship. They can feel like they are all carrying a piece of their loved one with them, which can help strengthen their bond and ease feelings of loneliness.
  3. Honoring the deceased subtly and meaningfully: Glass cremation jewelry can be customized to reflect the loved one's personality or interests. 
  4. Serving as a cherished family heirloom: Glass memorial jewelry keepsakes can also serve as precious family heirlooms. Passed down from generation to generation, they can keep the memory of the loved one alive and ensure that their legacy lives on.

Overall, jewelry made from ashes can provide a personal, wearable, and subtle way to honor a loved one. They can bring comfort, create a sense of unity, and serve as cherished family heirlooms for years.