Got Questions?

How does the order process work?

Orders can be placed online or by phone. We send a collection packet to you within 1-2 business days from ordering for submitting the cremated remains. Its contents include a screw-top collection vial, plastic security bags, transfer spatula, return shipping materials, and order documents. Mail the items back to Daybreak Dreams using the USPS flat-rate padded envelope provided in the packet. 

The United States Postal Service is the only shipping carrier willing to accept cremated remains. USPS regulation code 451.22 requires that cremated remains ship via Priority Mail Express. You will be required to pay the shipping charges for the return of the collection packet, about $27 (Canadian clients may return collection packets in the enclosed shipping box via Canada Post Expedited Parcel - USA service).

A delivery confirmation email will be sent to you when we receive the packet back at our studio. It usually takes about 1-2 weeks to complete an order. A final shipping notification with the package tracking information is emailed to you when the order is complete.

How do I ship ashes to Daybreak Dreams?

We will send a collection packet to you for submitting cremated remains. It will contain the shipping materials necessary to comply with federal shipping regulations for cremated remains. Following regulatory guidance is the safest and most reliable way to send cremains. See complete details in the field above; How does the order process work?

How long does it take to receive my order?

Order fulfillment takes about 1-2 weeks from the date we receive your collection packet at our studio and 2-5 more days of transit in the USA (7-21 days in Canada) for shipping. Please let us know if our fulfillment timeframe runs close to a specific deadline (birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc.). We will make every effort to meet your needs.

Can pet cremains be used in memorial jewelry?

Yes, we work with both human and animal cremated remains.

Can a pendant be made without the gold surface application?

Yes, we can make pendants with a clear-glass bail (top loop) instead of gold. First, order the item as pictured on the website. Then write a note in the text box labeled "Special instructions for seller" on the shopping cart webpage. Finally, state your "no gold bail" request in that box. Requests for clear-glass bails are noted in the paperwork accompanying the collection packets.

How durable is your jewelry?

We make our pendants with laboratory-grade borosilicate glass, durable glass with the same physical properties as Pyrex. We design our jewelry to withstand everyday wear. But unfortunately, sometimes accidents do happen. Falls onto hard surfaces can cause damage to the pendants. Fortunately, they can be reheated and repaired in our studio.

The chains that we offer are of high quality and sourced from a US supplier. Our gold-filled chains are manufactured in the United States, and the sterling silver chains are made in Italy.

Can your pendants be repaired?

Yes, contact us to arrange for a repair if the pendant breaks. We can reheat the glass and melt it back together again. We restore repaired items to flawless condition. Some repairs are simple, while others can be more complicated. For example, we’ve successfully rebuilt a halo pendant that shattered into five separate pieces!

Is there a time limit for the return of collection packets?

No. Collection packets may be returned whenever you are ready.

What happens to any unused portion of the cremains after the jewelry is complete?

There may be an unused portion of the cremains after the production of your pendant. The cremains can be returned to you upon your request using the Extra Cremains Form (included with the collection packet). However, shipping regulations require USPS Priority Mail Express when shipping cremains. Therefore, the return of unused cremains will be mailed back to you separately at an additional cost. Otherwise, they will be scattered locally in a beautiful natural setting (locations may include the Atlantic Ocean, NJ Pine Barren forests, Delaware Bay, local vineyards, secluded park areas, etc.), as indicated on the Extra Cremains Form.

How can I order from outside the US or Canada?

Worldwide shipping is available through our Etsy store. Please visit us at