Jewelry Made From Ashes

We create glass memorial jewelry using cremation ashes as the fundamental design component for a unique and meaningful way to commemorate a lost loved one or pet. Our technique involves skillfully infusing a small portion of the cremated remains into each design, harmoniously combining the inherent beauty of glass with the ashes' symbolic significance. The results are stunning and personalized memorial glass pendant necklaces that serve as heartfelt tributes. Let us help you create a timeless keepsake that will serve as a lasting reminder of the far-reaching impact your loved one had on your life.

A woman wearing the petite obsidian teardrop memorial necklace poses in the sunlight in front of some green vegetation.
A black glass teardrop cremation pendant hangs from a sterling silver chain necklace.

Our unique glass cremation jewelry reflects the colorful and vibrant personalities of those we remember.

We Do It Differently

We take great pride in our refined process of infusing cremation ashes into molten glass, creating truly unique and personalized jewelry. Unlike other methods, our approach preserves the ashes' visibility, resulting in beautiful mottled appearances, making each piece of memorial glass jewelry unique. Expertly crafted with care and attention to detail, our glass cremation pendants are lasting tributes to the memory of your loved one.

A close-up image of a yellow sunflower radiating from the center of the composition.

Easy Shipping

After placing your order, we'll send you a collection packet containing all required items to comply with USPS regulations for shipping cremains back to our studio. Check our FAQs for more details.


Est. 2016

As a family-run business, we offer exceptional service in crafting glass memorial jewelry that embodies our dedication to compassion and care. We aim to deliver outstanding craftsmanship and a personal touch in every piece, handling each process step with utmost care and attention to detail so that you can trust us wholeheartedly.

Daybreak Dreams Design

Ryan Higgins, our skilled artist specializing in crafting glass jewelry from ashes, approaches his work with unwavering integrity and dedication, ensuring that every piece he creates brings comfort and joy to our clients. When you order from us, you can work directly with Ryan, the artist and designer behind every creation. We are sincerely grateful for your interest in our work and eagerly look forward to crafting your cherished keepsake. If you have any questions about our jewelry made from ashes, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone; we are always here to help and guide you through the process.