Jewelry Made From Ashes

Keepsake cremation necklaces forever preserve your loved one's remains in flameworked glass pendants.

A golden-brown glass teardrop cremation necklace hangs from a gold chain within a field of soap bubbles.
An Aquamarine Halo cremation necklace hangs from a silver chain next to a sunflower.
A heart cremation necklace hangs from a gold snake chain.
  • We've created a memorial jewelry collection utilizing cremation ashes as the fundamental design component.


A woman wearing the petite obsidian teardrop cremation necklace poses in the sunlight.
An obsidian teardrop memorial necklace hangs from a sterling silver chain.
  • People often feel comforted wearing blown glass cremation jewelry to remember a person or pet. Shop our collections for unique designs that convey the color of their life.

An angel wing cremation keepsake hangs from a gold chain at dawn.

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Angel Wings Cremation Necklace

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Available in two sizes

Teardrop memorial glass jewelry is our most beloved collection. Each ash-infused necklace is a lasting testament to the memory of your loved one.

Teardrop Collection

Made From Ashes

We do it differently

Our refined process of infusing cremation ashes into molten glass is unique. As a result, the cremation ashes remain visible and form mottled appearances inside our glass memorial pendants.

Easy Shipping

We send a collection packet

The collection packet contains everything you'll need to follow USPS regulations for shipping cremains back to our studio.

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Est. 2016

We’re a compassionate, family-operated memorial jewelry brand inspired by quality craftsmanship, glassmaking & the power of human kinship.

  • Daybreak Dreams creates memorial glass jewelry with dedication and integrity, giving clients an additional gift of comfort and joy.

  • You work directly with the artist and designer when ordering from us. We appreciate your interest in our work.

    If you have any questions about our jewelry made from ashes, please get in touch with us here. We're always here to help.

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